We are upgrading every web site to SSL

Since Google has put such a high relevance on SSL secured sites, we are currently upgrading all of our hosted websites to HTTPS, or SSL secured. We are, in most cases, doing this at no cost to our clients.

We have 2 levels of SSL security available.

SSL Level 1, is free, nothing to buy as we use a general SSL certificate. This level of SSL security is way more than most websites require, but with Google requiring SSL, we are upgrading our clients to SSL Level 1 for free.

SSL Level 2 is for e-commerce sites, collecting Credit Card or any website collecting sensitive information. SSL Level 2 requires the purchase of an SSL certificate for your domain, as well as a lot of server work to accomplish. To set up SSL Level 2 will require we charge you for the certificate as well as programming time.

It will take some time for us to do all the conversions to SSL Level 1. You can tell if your site has been upgraded to any SSL level by visiting your site in a browser. If the URL starts with HTTPS:// then your site is running SSL. You will also get a Green Lock in many browsers showing that the site is SSL secured.